Top 5 Ideas To Reuse Your Old Plantation Window Shutters Is Given Here!

download (5)It is hard to part off from childhood memories. It is a similar feeling with childhood things that we used, the furniture, the dresses and even the places serve as pleasant memories of a rich past. It is heartbreaking to see your old house get shattered but change is unavoidable in most cases. Take a look at this site:

Worry not, the world is full of people who are emotional about their past. Here are few practical ideas to use up your wooden window plantation shutters.  


  • Make Furniture like chairs or small foot rests. It gives a beautiful look
  • Convert them into beautiful decorative wall ornaments. perhaps attach hooks to make it a small cloth hanger
  • Home organizing made of window shutters are a treat to the eye. Be it a kitchen stand or key stand or book shelf or magazine holder. Options are endless.
  • As wall art, it is an attention seeker and a compliments generator if hung on your living room
  • Attach mirror to the centre of two planks of vintage shutters. It gives a look as though the mirror might get closed. Such a stylish finish
  • Wall Covering – cover your entire wall in the room with remains of your old shutter for that nostalgic feel and more attention to your art work
  • Make saloon doors with half length shutters or use two old French shutters for a beautiful interior door inside your home.



The options are endless. Let your imagination take over you and become a creator!